Day 11


Oslo, the capital of Norway, is situated at the head of the 60 mile long Oslo Fjord,
on the country's southeastern coast. The numerous pine clad islands and high hills which surround the City on three sides, give the area a distinctive charm. Oslo covers 175 square miles within its city limits and, as such, is one of the world's largest capital cities. However, this area consists mainly of farmland and forests as well as 340 lakes, and with a population of only 460,000, it is the least densely populated city in Europe. It is the seat of the Norwegian parliament, government and residence of the Royal Family.
The modern town adjoins the site of medieval Oslo, which was founded in the 11th century. Today Oslo is considered one of the finest cities of northern Europe, with broad streets, beautiful gardens and majestic buildings. It is also the hub of Norway's railway system and steamship lines, and the country's maritime city. The approach and departure within the Oslo Fjord affords cruise ship passengers a wonderful opportunity to view the natural scenery as well as little villages, historic Oscarborg Fort and of couse, the environs of Oslo itself.
(Royal Caribbean Port Explorer)

Various aspects of Oslo
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The Holmenkollen ski jump hill
Oslo was the host city for the 1952 Winter Olympics.
This picture is special to us because we went to the very top of this 
famous ski jump hill. What you see is shown on the pictures above.
On the left is what we saw (my picture). 
On the right is what you see on a nice sunny Summer day, and this picture shows what it looked like during the Olympics.

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a part of Frogner Park located 3 km northwest of the city centre. 
The park covers 80 acres and features 212 bronze and granite sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland. 
Vigeland personally sculpted every figure out of clay and individual craftsmen were contracted to fabricate the pieces into what they are today.
These works of art reside along an 850 meter-long axis divided into six sections: 
The Main Gate, The Bridge, The Children’s Playground, The Fountain, The Monolith Plateau and the Wheel of Life.
 Tired of climbing several staircases ... but enjoying the Holmenkollen ski jump hill ... on a rainy day.
This was a very interesting tour. 
In spite of the weather, Oslo is a very beautiful and charming city.
Last Formal Dinner
The following day was a full day at sea on the way to England.
And so ended this very pleasant and educational cruise.

As always, it is hard to say good-bye ... but we returned home full of great memories.
All of us left separately to Heathrow Airport by bus where we waited for a few hours before returning home safely.
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