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Stockholm, the capital od Sweden, is situated on the country's east coast on the estuary where Lake Mälaren joins the Baltic Sea. The Baltic's largest port, with a population of 1.65 million, it is a beautiful city of lush parks and majestic buildings. It occupies 14 islands which are connected by over 50 bridges, because of which it is often called "the Venice of the North" or "Beauty on Water". Stockholm is the seat of Sweden's constitutional Monarch and its Parliamentary Government, as well as the home of the Philharmonic Orchestra, Ballet, the Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Theater where such legends as Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergam were discovered.
The Gamla Stan is the oldest part of Stockholm and is a popular tourist attraction. Its narrow cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful buildings dating from the 14th through the 19th century, which today house boutiques, restaurants , cafes and clubs. Sweden is recognized throughout the world as an innovative pioneer in social policy and some of its most significant programs include: the old age pension, public housing and assistance for higher education. These comprehensive governments have helped Sweden achieve a very high standard of living. On December 10th of each year, the Nobel Prize Banquet takes place in Stockholm City Hall.
Stockholm's harbor opens into an archipelago of 24,000 islands and islets. A popular area for holidays, with some 50,000 summer Summer homes and chalets that are reached by some of the 250,000 private boats registered in the City an its suburbs. It is through this expanse of natural beauty, created in the last Ice Age, that cruise ships enter and exit on their visit to Stockholm, a journey which takes approximately 3 hours and affords a visual feast of ever-changing scenery.
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