October 2007

Apple picking day!
First pictures taken with my garden tractor  .... after two years of using it!
This one of the entrances to this beautiful bikeway .... just down from our street.
Stella and I enjoy it a lot and try to take advantage of it to exercise whenever possible.
This week, for the first time, I went biking with Larry. 
It's a great place to enjoy nature, walking, biking and roller blading ... as I used to do before.

Learn more about it.
The beauty of Nature. It's a festival of color. It's New England!
The young musicians in the family. 
Andrew is seriously learning the drums and Lindsay the clarinet.
Here, during a school band presentation, 
Andrew is playing the drum ... while later Lindsay was being "introduced" to it.
Later we will have pictures with Lindsay playing the clarinet.
Ryan .... the next soccer "great"?

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