September 2007

Benjamin loves the pool and the beach. No fear of the water at all.
However, when Richard tried this new vest .... he hated it.
Avó (86 years old) enjoying her great-grandson Benjamin.
How about that "punk look"?
 Teófilo's visit from São Miguel .... with Lisa (his godchild) and her three jewels.
 September 15
Enjoying the last days of Summer and celebrating Michael's 42th birthday and my 62th.
The birthday "boys" .... still 20 years apart!
All my children and grandchildren were present. 
However, when these pictures were taken Matthew, Ryan, and Madison
were taking a nap, and Steve hadn't arrived yet.
Like my new glasses?
Since we have the same birthday, Michael and I would need 104 candles.
Each of the back row candles is worth 10 years.

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