Day 12
July 7th 
Sailing on the way back to Barcelona.

Once again enjoying a snack at the Windjamer.
Ahh ...those chocolate chip cookies!
My favorite painting at the Windjamer
Andrew enjoying one of his last ice cream cones on this cruise.
Andrew getting ready to climb the rock wall for the 7th time.
Ready to go ... under the watchful eye of grandpa.
Ringing the bell.
Success again!
My turn ...couldn't resist the tempation of trying it too.
Ringing the bell too.
Not bad for an old man!
Enjoying our balcony and celebrating our last day on the ship ... with nice Merlot wine and fruit.
Andrew and Lindsay enjoying the artistic skills of our cabin steward ... towels turned into a monkey.
Here is our head waiter (never learned his name!) smiling because this was his last day of work. 
The following day he was going home to St. Vincent,  Caribbean,  on leave for two months.
During those twelve evenings .... his head was already "on holiday". 
He was ok, ...our "bananas man".
That's Cláudio, our assistant waiter. 
He was a nice guy with a nice smile and a special ability to forget certain things,
... especially Renato's credit card!
Farewell Show
Biota's favorite art pieces
Back in Barcelona Airport .... surrounded by our luggage, waiting to check in.
Exhausted but happy to see that the limo was there waiting for us at midnight
.... especially after the ordeal at Charles de Gaulle Airport.
The ride home was sweet but with a mixture of happy and sad feelings. 
Happy to be home, but sad to be apart again from my brother Renato and Biota.
But happy also to have had the opportunity to return to my "home continent" with our oldest gradchildren,
Andrew and Lindsay, 
Michelle and Michael.
To us, seeing that they were truly enjoying the "old continent"and the family being together
... was indeed very special.

All in all, this was a great trip. 
We spent 14 days together, everyone was healthy and the weather was fantastic. 
As for the cruise itself, ... we returned home with a great number of pictures 
to help us relive the great European ports of call, 
the Brilliance of the Seas,
but most of all, ... being together. 
All I wished for this trip was to return home with great memories 
.... and that is exactly what all of us returned home with.
What next, manos?


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