Day 4
June 29th
Naples, Italy
Ship arrived: 8:00AM 
Exploration of Pompeii (4h)
Tour left: 9:15AM 
Tour arrived: 2:00PM
Ship left: 8:00PM

Rosana, our outstanding guide, explaining the paintings that have survived the volcano eruption 
and are still in great condition after many centuries.
Time to go "home" ... Rosana trusted me with the "lollipop" while she counted heads before boarding the bus.
Renato and Biota's "home" for the cruise ... Cabin 8076
While the rest of the gang decided to stay in the ship, "os manos" decided to go visit a bit of Naples.
One of many beautiful buildings in Naples
Back in the ship, ... relaxing and enjoying the view of Mount Vesuvius in the background.
First Formal Night
Enjoying an after dinner cocktail at the Centrum.

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