Scenes of Home Throughout the Year

These pictures were taken this year when we had 2 feet of snow.
The above picture was taken from the house overlooking the street.

Taken from the sunroom during the storm overlooking part of the deck.

The following morning....
Taken from one of the bedrooms, using a special camera mode, overlooking the backyard.

Taken from the front door overlooking the street and my neighbor's house.

Taken from the garage overlooking the street and another neighbor's house.

Taken also from the garage, overlooking the street, before plowing the driveway.

Later the sun came out.
Same as above, but taken with natural lighting and .... I had already plowed the driveway.

Our house on a beautiful Winter day

Overlooking the same area of the deck  in the evening of the same day.

The pool all covered with a thick blanket of snow.

All is well ... the streets have been plowed.

The Winter is over .... Spring has arrived!

The grass is green ... almost time to start cutting it.

Summer time, nothing like it !

My favorite time of the year.
The pool is ready, the sky is blue, it's confortably warm, the canopy is up ... 

No words needed! 
It's home in the Summer!

The Summer is gone .... the pool is covered again, the leaves are changing color's the Fall.

The trees are bare, ... leaves everywhere, and these two beautiful faces enjoying it all.
It's Halloween.

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